Accessing NAS with new Windows 10 laptop

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Accessing NAS with new Windows 10 laptop

Unread post by Varjak » Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:20 pm

I have a DS214play and I cannot seem to access it with my new laptop. I was able to map the NAS using Windows 10 File Explorer; but from there I can't do anything else.

I can't copy files to or from the NAS. I can't get DSM on my new laptop and when I use the "" or "http://Diskstation:5000" it says it can't find anything.

I looked around and the file sharing issues might have something to do with the SMB setting; but I can't fix or change that since I can't 'see' my NAS from my laptop.

I have no idea what to do next.

I should say that with my previous laptop, everything was working fine until one night when I was in the midst of copying files to my NAS when my laptop froze (I'd had a few issues with failed transfers before) and I was never able to reboot it. Even the rescue procedures wouldn't work. I'm still in the midst of trying to fix that; but now I'm sort of pushed to the wall because my new laptop is full of stuff and I need to transfer it to the NAS.

I should also say that transfers to and from my Mac Mini, work fine; but I CANNOT seem to effect transfers from USB drives plugged directly into the NAS. On the Mac, the USB drive is displayed like a folder under the NAS; but it won't copy files to or from the USB drive.

Edit: I was able to 'discover' my NAS and everything looks reasonably set up. I can access the DSM screen etc. and found how to change the Maximum SMB setting to SMB 1.0; but it didn't help.

I looked under 'User' under control panel and I see that both 'Admin' and 'Guest' are disabled, while my username is status: 'Normal' Should I be set up under Admin or is there a way of seeing if my username has Admin-level access? I believe I set it up from scratch as I should have following the directions at the time (old laptop). I have to say, the documentation, especially that flimsy brochure with the NAS is ridiculously uninformative.

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