Different laptops see different folders

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I'm New!
I'm New!
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Different laptops see different folders

Unread post by itchyfish » Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:37 pm

Hi. I am completely new to this forum and would appreciate some insight and help, please! I am also not at all tech savvy.
My partner and I store our files on the same Synology NAS on a network instead of our laptops' hard drives. This keeps all our data in the same place, and for safety, the NAS gets backed up onto a cloud store every day.
I have mapped the NAS (in File Explorer) on our laptops and pinned to start menu.
Can anyone explain why my laptop can't see her more recent folders and files when I open the link to the NAS in File Explorer , and vice versa? Yet, I can see them when I go to Synology Assistant and look at her folders from there.
It seems as though a refresh or similar process is needed to make files and folders visible, and I don't understand why this does not happen automatically. Can this be remedied?
Thank you.

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Re: Different laptops see different folders

Unread post by sieberta » Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:16 pm

If you leave explorer open, sometimes it doesn't refresh. You can right click in the whitespace and click "refresh" to force it.

That is if it is just for recently created stuff... if for other stuff, might be permissions issues.

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