Itunes Wrong File Types

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Itunes Wrong File Types

Unread post by sthomas74 » Fri Jan 15, 2016 4:08 am

Using a DS412+ with latest updates and iTunes Server to make available music and videos (movies, home video) but iTunes on a home networked Mac (El Capitan) ONLY sees the videos as music and albums even though they were declared video on Synology and re-indexed several times. Changing media type in iTunes is not possible as all fields are greyed out. Using Finder on Mac I can easily read and write video file updates with Get File Info on Synology and do the same with Windows Explorer on another networked machine. It's as if the iTunes Server is not handling the media types correctly. Synology support said
"After consulted with RD, all media files music or video, their media info cannot be edited on iTunes, no matter they are local file or from iTunes Server. If user want to edit media info, user can use Audio Station or Video Station on NAS to edit them."

If this is the case then why have Media Indexing and Folder attributes on Synology?

So, HOW do I make iTunes or the iTunes Server correctly detect files as music, video, pictures? Thanks.

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Re: Itunes Wrong File Types

Unread post by syno2000 » Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:34 am

As you can use the Finder to modify files on the NAS, use a tool like Subler ( to set the correct metadata. You will then need to force iTunes to reindex the file with the new metadata. Only way I know to do this is to delete the file from iTunes (but not the original file) and then add it back to iTunes again.

The media info, indexing, and folder organisation are used by Synology packages like Media Server and Video Station to identify/categorise videos. I think these settings are ignored by iTunes, which only relies on metadata in the files themselves.


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