default unix permissions for NFS share, should I?

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default unix permissions for NFS share, should I?

Unread post by horizonbrave » Mon Sep 24, 2018 4:09 am

I'm setting up a NFS share for my Linux computer and not sure if should disable the "apply default UNIX permissions" in advance settings.
User manual ... macnfs_nfs
doesn't say what happened if disabled (666 or 777) and I'm a very dumb Linux user.

If I understand correctly even if all uploaded files would be readable/writeable (and executable) by everyone they will be still protected on the NAS by local user permission rules, right?

I'd actually prefer when anyone who's let to access the file to be able to do what they want with it despite in they're the owner of the file or not.. in my limited vision that's the simplest thing to do for me for managing the file across my Linux boxes (where usernames might be different, not sure about UID/GUID).

It's so confusing for me now :)
Folder might contain media for a streaming server, but I also need to setup folder for backup (not sure yet which software I'll use).Many thanks for help!


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