Preserve your path through DSM updates

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Preserve your path through DSM updates

Unread post by fhdk » Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:29 am

A lot of people have experienced that ipkg/opkg stops working after DSM updates. This is due to DSM updates rewriting the path to the defaults. Nothing wrong about that.

If - however - you're keen to keep your path, then try this tip.

My bootstrapping has survived since early DSM4 and I think yours will too. Of course Synology could change that so no guaranties.

Always remember
Trust is good - verification is better
EDIT: apply to /root/.profile as well

Use your favorite ssh-client to connect to your diskstation as root

Code: Select all

ssh root@your-ds

Code: Select all

cp /etc/profile /etc/
vi /etc/profile
if you mess up in vi - it took me years to learn vi and I, occationally still screw up - use Esc:q! to save your b... and start vi again
Find the line reading

Code: Select all

Place the cursor under the first slash '/' and press i to insert text.

Modify path according to your environment

Press Esc to go back to command mode and then press uppercase Z twice to save and close vi.

For good measure - verify the changes you made

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cat /etc/profile
Activate the path modification by sourcing profile

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source /etc/profile
If using ipkg

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ipkg -v 
cp /etc/profile /etc/profile.pkg
If using opkg

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opkg -v 
cp /etc/profile /etc/profile.pkg
During the next DSM update your profile will probably be replaced by the update process and to prevent that you can make the file readonly by doing

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chmod 0444 /etc/profile
or next time your path fails do

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chmod 0644 /etc/profile 
cp /etc/profile.pkg /etc/profile
source /etc/profile
chmod 0444 /etc/profile
Frede H.

Preserve your path across DSM updates

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Re: Preserve your path through DSM updates

Unread post by Usagi » Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:55 pm

Great advice! One suggestion: move the location of ipkg further down the path. Something like:


It's important; it's the order that directories are looked at when you execute a path without specifying where, e.g.

Code: Select all

ls -la
Which one is picked up? And it's no good saying scripts should use absolute paths, because users install new packages in different places. Which is another reason for a good PATH setup.
  • All sbin folders should be for root-only use. A root version of a tool (in an sbin) should be used in preference to a user one
  • Except for /bin, which has most common, essential tools. You don't want to not use those by accident!
  • And /opt is less secure (you never know what a malicious ipkg install will drop in), so it shouldn't be looked at first
  • But Synology install some optional packages under various /usr locations, which you do want to override (e.g. php), so opt should come before those.
The precedence of /usr/bin <- /usr/syno/bin <- /usr/local/bin tells us that Synology see their versions of files as more important than user-installed versions (that's what "local" is for), which is why we need to put our more-important-than-Synology's files in yet another path, making us all confused as heck. There are a lot of pages on the web discussing what these directories are for, and suggested precedence.

Note as well that a non-root user shouldn't have sbin in their path.


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