wget: can anybody confirm

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wget: can anybody confirm

Postby netshare » Sun Nov 11, 2007 3:47 pm

hello @ all,

can anybody confirm a successfull usage of the wget command on the syno 107+ (or equivalent with marvell, little indian) WITH user and password authentification on the download location?

for me it does not work and ends up in just downloading the information and NOT the file. downloads from a server WITHOUT login and password work flawlessly.

the wget-command i used was:

wget --tries=3 --cache=off --cookies=on --glob=off -x --cut-dirs=100 -c -r -b -q -np -nd --output-file=/...path.../RapidShare/rs.log --http-user=12345 --http-password=abcd --directory-prefix=/...path.../RapidShare-DL1 --input-file=/...path---/RapidShare/RS-DL.txt

what goes wrong here?

does the syno 07+ box miss some additional application to successful execute the above mentioned wget command.

any targeting help is urgently requested.

kind regards,

Synology DS-107X [128MB RAM]

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