optware / entware and supportability

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optware / entware and supportability

Unread post by scyto » Mon May 16, 2016 2:19 am

Hi, i am a bit of a noob here.
I recently had a bad experience with synology support who basically refused to help me because i had had something called optware / entware installed, my issues in reality were caused by upgrading from DSM5.x to DSM6 RTM.
They asked me to re-install DSM6.

Obviously i googled want optware was and i now have some questions:

1) i only ever installed packages from synology and synology community - are the community packages all using optware / entware or just some? Is there a way to know which ones do / don't use it?
2) i uninstalled all community packages and couldn't find any traces of optware / entware on the file system (the @ dirs) - can someone confirm if I uninstall optware / entware based packages this is good enough to remove all of it
3) do folks have tips on how to persuade synology support to take one seriously and get them to provide support

in the end the re-install of DSM6 only fixed one issue (support center not being able to generate logs for download or submit tickets) i am highly doubtful any optware / entware could have screwed that up (everything was working perfectly before the upgrade to DSM6... any tips are appreciated.

/offtopic BTW if you file a ticket and it is Huy that helps you I suggest you close the ticket and re-open a new one - he is the worst support person at synology. He told me to buy $1000k of new drives when there was actually nothing wrong with them!

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Re: optware / entware and supportability

Unread post by maxxfi » Mon May 16, 2016 6:23 am

Optware by itself doesn't alter the DSM installation, so a quicker way to get back to a 'stock-installed' DSM is to simply remove the optware startup script and reboot the NAS.
(Hopefully you haven't made silly changes like using bash as default shell for root, in which case undo those settings before you deactivate optware, or do not undo it and see why they are silly)
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