Help in Menlo Park CA

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Urban Redneck
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I'm New!
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Help in Menlo Park CA

Postby Urban Redneck » Fri Oct 08, 2010 11:08 pm

I read all the "before posting" guidelines and I didn't see anything about direct solicitation for paid help. I'm putting in a huge whole home AV system for a good friend in Menlo Park. We bought a ds209 because of the great reviews for a home NAS. Here's my problem. I'm an AV guy and not a server IT person. So, I've built in a line item in the bid for a professional installation on the ds209. I know my strengths and weaknesses. This is a weakness for me. In addition to monetary compensation, I can provide a pair of tickets to a concert of your choosing. (I'm in the media business and have access) Obviously, you'll be lightly vetted before the job. However, I only posted on this forum because I'm guessing you have a passion for Synology and know how to work its magic. I'm looking to fully utilize the capabilities of the ds209 with the following setup.
-Mac Mini as the HTPC work horse
- (2) iPhones
- (1) Macbook Pro
- (1) PC desktop
- (1) iPad
- Wii (probably not applicable in this case)
- Denon 4310ci networked receiver
- Samsung BD5500 network capable


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