Support frustrations

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Support frustrations

Unread post by Securestuff » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:40 pm

6 months ago I had to RMA my Synology unit because of the firmware update bug that several people on the forums experienced. Basically, a firmware update killed the unit. So I put my credit card in for the Advanced RMA. Got a refurbished unit, put my drives in and things were good. The support experience was fine.

A few weeks ago I had to create a ticket because my Quickconnect would not let me register the unit. If anyone is not aware, Synology has a 24-48 hour response time policy. Sometimes I would send a reply to a response I received from support within 15 minutes of receiving the email, but would have to wait another day or two to get a reply. Phone support is only for relaying messages. They would not help me troubleshoot anything over the phone. I asked about some sort of paid advanced support, but that is not a thing they offer. Well, I am on email 19 with them right now, so you can imagine this is taking a while with their 24-48 hour response time. Now their support told me they have records of the original RMA being sent back to Taiwan, but there are no records of it being released to use as an RMA, so it is unknown why the device I have now is my RMA unit.

I called the customer service phone number to make note of my frustrations and offer a few suggestions on response time. Customer support told me "telling them would do no good". I am not kidding. That is what they said.

Now to fix this issue they want me to ship the unit back to them in Taiwan, and as soon as they receive it they will ship me another refurbished unit. If I want to do advanced RMA, I will have to get the credit card out again.

What do you guys think? Have any of you had an experience like this?


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