Will Synology ever use an Intel i3 again like the discontinued DS3615xs?

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Will Synology ever use an Intel i3 again like the discontinued DS3615xs?

Postby odessouky » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:46 pm

Aloha everyone..

Does any one know if Synology plan to release any PLUS series soon with an i3 processor at all?

I have a 916+, and inspite of buying it with the knowledge that it should transcode one channel of 4k video, it struggles and stutters immensely?

I've researched extensively how to fix this, bought a Plexpass to enable Hardware acceleration, tried Video Station which has HW acceleration by default, and no matter what I do, it cannot stream/transcode 4k video?

Was at a friend's the other day, and he has a QNAP with an i3, and it works like a dream. I do not like the software however, and do not see myself using it. I'm very comfortable with DSM, and intend to use Synology only?


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