DS115J vs DS112+

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I'm New!
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DS115J vs DS112+

Postby dannysmith43 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:30 pm

Hi Y'all,

I'm Danny, I've recently jumped into the world of Synology NAS! I recently purchased a DS215J for my aunt to backup all her pics on it and she's very happy! So I wanted to get something for myself to act as a backup target from my main PC, I'd also like to use the DS Apps for photos etc.

This is a retrospective questions as I've already purchased a second hand DS112+
In terms of performance would the DS112+ come out on top? I was filtering between a new DS115J or a secondhand DS112+ and the difference was £21.
I know the DS112+ has a 2GHz single core as opposed to a 0.8Ghz single core but I'd assume the Armada core has made other improvements in that time? I know it's a bit of silly thing asking now it's been purchased but I may switch in the future.

Thanks for looking!

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Re: DS115J vs DS112+

Postby BigTex » Thu Jun 23, 2016 1:58 pm

One more thing to consider is that Synology only supports units about 5 years back with their new software releases. The DS112+ might only be able to upgrade to latest software for another couple of years. I just upgraded from the DS212+ to DS216+. The DS216+ is much snappier in the desktop interface.

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