NEW TO NAS - Some Advice

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I'm New!
I'm New!
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NEW TO NAS - Some Advice

Unread post by stormtigers » Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:05 am

Hi Folks,

Okay I am a plodder.
I run a home media setup using TWONKY software originally to stream TB of movies TV shows because frankly free to air bores the heck out of me for the most part. Having collected 5-6 TB of stuff along the way Twonky has for the most part handled it smoothly other than 3D movies to my once expensive 3D 55inch TV.
Recently I have been away from home working overseas. At home, the family switched off the trusty HP Touchsmart with all the external drives and when they returned from a visit, nothing was working. They have lived with it but it has prompted me to seek another solution.

Living out of a hotel, I opted to bring a redundant 2010 Apple Mac Mini with me and plugged my portable usb drives into it and watched in the main lounge area of the hotel. But having a separate bedroom with a 2nd TV that didn't like the size of the portable drive, I started playing with creating a network and media server in the room and discovered Serviio which works simply and efficiently.

So where am I going with this ?
Well a few times I have had repeated to me USB portable drives are not designed to be running 24/7 connected to a media server. But I have a couple of slow retired 3.5inch 2tb drives and probably a newish 6tb coming out of the HP which I want to replace with an SSD. Add to this a few 250gb 2.5 inch drives from dead laptops and I have a classic JBOD array.

So I am looking for advice. I have been looking at DS418j OR the highly recommended DS218+.
Now I know 4 bays v 2 but all reviews I read is pointing to the 218+.
So what do I want to achieve ?
Not so much a raid as a device capable of using my drives to best effect.
I don't really want to spend a crap load $ buying another like disk to mirror the contents of one to the other.
Whilst it's certainly safe it also becomes very expensive TBs for a home outfit.
And as a bonus I would gain a means of plugging in my portable USB that I use to store work on while on the road and keeping a backup copy and the backup being available remotely if necessary.

So I guess in a way I am more looking for a consolidated multiple drives on network user rather than having usb ports crowded with external drives everywhere.

What say you - do you have similar uses or recommendations/setups ?
Is the 218+ better choice as opposed to the 418j despite less drive slots ?

CHeers in advance

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Re: NEW TO NAS - Some Advice

Unread post by telos » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:49 pm

If you need transcoding... generally "+" is better than "j" (I would avoid all "j" units where transcoding is necessary).

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Re: NEW TO NAS - Some Advice

Unread post by Rusty1281 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:43 pm

I would agree with Telos on this one. Its a choice that you have to make. Do you need horse power or storage as your main need?

If its storage go with more bays. If its features and functions, then a + model is the road to take. Keep in mind that you need to also be cearful what media platform you are going for and is it supported on the J model (or any model for that matter).
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