NAS advise - what next from DS1815+

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NAS advise - what next from DS1815+

Unread post by smashmouse » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:26 pm

Hi all, new to the forum but been a Synology user for the past three years.

My DS1815+ has just broken down on me, probably due to the atom C2xxx issue. Whilst waiting for RMA to resolved, I've been thinking about possible change to a different unit. I feel like the options are limited when discarding the models with the atom C2xxx CPU.

Looking for opinions / some collective thoughts on anything to consider.

My current usage:
one volume of 5x4TB drives in bays 1-5 using SHR
one volume of 2x2TB in bays 7&8 using RAID 1

I've looked at the following:
- DS3018xs but seems going backwards to 6 bays, but I could live with it, moving to 6x4TB drives.
- D3617xs too expensive.
- DS918+ only 4 bays, but have mad idea of 2 x DS918. I'm not keen on running two units but it would still work out significantly cheaper than a single DS3018xs.

My main issue with the whole selection process is lack of support for SHR. It has served me well on my current unit, even though volume 1 is all 4TB drives now, it did start as 4 x 2TB and gradually increased, swapping drives out. With the DS3018xs, I did wonder about two RAID5s of 3 disks each, so if I have to upgrade capacity, I can do an array (3 drives) at a time. Similar approach with DS918, but two RAID5 arrays of 4 drives each, albeit on separate units.

With the DS3018xs, if I have a RAID group consisting of two RAID5 arrays, can I have a single volume that spans to separate arrays? e.g. 3x4TB and 3x8TB giving roughly 24TB (8+16) of usable space?

Cheers for any thoughts and input.

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