What should I ask Synology at Computex 2017?

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What should I ask Synology at Computex 2017?

Postby Charbax » Fri May 19, 2017 4:29 am

Hello, I filmed with Synology at the last two Computex 2016 and 2015 you can see my previous Synology videos here:

I'm not a NAS expert, so please let me know for some types of general NAS industry questions relating with describing the advantages of Synology that I should ask about. I'm interested in trying to understand what the latest ARM processors and Intel processors bring to the NAS, my website is called ARMdevices.net so I care more about what the latest ARM Processors can do. I've seen Synology uses Marvell and Anapurna ARM Processors, any other? Any Realtek? Does anyone know what are the latest newest ARM Processors that could be performing the best for what Synology has as entry level J, medium level and high level spec NAS product line? What can those newest ARM processors do in terms of read/write speed, processing of all these features and server-like functions from the impressive Synology apps platform, transcoding features up to 4K and perhaps also something like USB3 host port file copy speed (do different processors perform at different speeds for that task?)

I've been waiting for a decade for someone to make something as simple as a Seevaplug (formerly Pogoplug as far as I remember) to cheaply be able to host as NAS any external hard drive onto ones personal cloud. And have basic cheap RAID USB enclosures that can be plugged to it. But I wonder if there exists something like a Sheevaplug with super high performance, fast read/write speeds, reliable, with all the apps and server like features like Synology? I've recently seen that Synology had a product that seems to do something like that called the EPS14, that was from 2014? They haven't updated that since for higher USB3 Host read/write cloud/local etc and SD card backup performance?

Next week I will get a product a recently discovered called the WD Passport Wireless Pro with 4TB, it supposedly can backup my SD cards on its battery powered portable 2.5 hard drive at about 75MB/s speed. Which will be great for me as a video-blogger. I didn't know Synology had something like the EPS14 that does something similar it seems to me but is not battery powered, not sure if SD card backup to USB hard drive would be as fast or faster than the 75MB/s that the WD Wireless Pro can do. I guess many Synology NAS have USB ports and I can use an SD card reader to clone in the files, anyone know the speed that can be expected? I like the portability of the WD Wireless Pro but I wish it would have all the features and apps that are on the Synology platform. I'd like to auto upload videos to YouTube using a bonded LTE dongle, or WiFi hotspot and an Ethernet port (evt Ethernet USB dongle), backup to Amazon Drive, run Torrents through a VPN or Seedbox and perhaps something else. Anyways I'm probably asking too much.

I wonder if Synology will launch some new NAS products at Computex 2017 with some new ARM Processors for increased performance at lower prices too. The J servies of 2017 performing like the medium series of last year. The medium series of 2017 performing like the higher series of previous year, and etc.

One thing that I have been asking for companies to do for a decade, is totally cold home cloud storage, I would like my hard drives to stay completely powered off when I don't need to access them imminently. A small Flash storage that hosts my file index can stay online at all times, or even host my index on the cloud and not even need to host that on my NAS, a cloud service being able to wake my NAS up and power on specified hard drives only when they are needed, it might be only once a month or once every couple weeks that I need to backup some files from USB3 host or to Amazon Drive. Vincent of Synology (in my RT2600ac video) told me I was wrong, that modern hard drives are able to go into a very low power hybernation mode that makes my idea useless, that my idea wouldn't help much with power consumption if the hard drives were mostly completely powered off?

Anyways, maybe my ideas are not right for the video, let me know as you are NAS experts what you think I should ask Synology in my next video? Of course it depends what new products they may be launching at the show..

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