Task Scheduler not launching the command

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I'm New!
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Task Scheduler not launching the command

Postby Boulder » Sat Oct 21, 2017 3:53 pm

Hi all,

a bit frustrated Synology 413j owner here.

A new version of HD Sentinel provides a way to get information out of Synology NAS drives to monitor on my PC. I've set up everything on the NAS, but for some reason Task Scheduler doesn't launch the command. If I use right click -> Run, it runs fine and produces the report in the shared folder. I can also run it if I ssh into the NAS with root. The DSM version is 6.1.3-15152 Update 8.

The user-defined script in Task Scheduler looks like this, set to run as root:

Code: Select all

/hdsentinel/hdsentinelarm -r /volume1/HDDS/hdsreport.html -html

Crontab looks like this:

Code: Select all

#minute   hour   mday   month   wday   who   command
0   0   1   *   *   root   /usr/syno/bin/syno_disk_health_record
36   17   *   *   6   root   /tmp/synoschedtask --run id=2
0   5   *   *   0,6   root   /tmp/synoschedtask --run id=1

The task with id 2 is the one I'm trying to run. The time there is for testing. Once I get it running, I'll set it up so that it runs once a week (because the NAS is rarely used, there's no need to wake the HDDs too often).

I've read lots of things about the Task Scheduler and cron jobs, but none of the suggestions are working for me. Does anyone have any tips on what to try next? I'd really like to have the disk check running because HDS has saved my butt quite a few times earlier.

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