Sickbeard and SabNZBD+ won't display web pages

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Sickbeard and SabNZBD+ won't display web pages

Unread post by Larzjg » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:54 pm


I'm a relative noob here, and I'm experiencing trouble with my installs of SabNZBD+ and Sickbeard. I'm fairly certain my mistake is an incredibly basic one, so here goes:

What happens?
I start SAB or SB from the package menu.
They run, according to their logs and to an SSH top-command.
But the websites time out, and never display a homepage.

What should happen?
I'd like their web pages to display :)

How do I reproduce it?
I click the links in the "more" section of their package center pages, and it returns a nicely formatted page with an error message when they service is stopped.
But when the services are running, I get a page that hangs on "sending request", until it 10-20 seconds later returns an error of no response.

What's your system?
DS411, brand new.
Running 4.0 beta. Exact same problem was there with 3.2 tho.

What did I try to fix it?
Well, I think I've tried everything, but I obviously haven't. By now, I'm convinced I've made a complete rookie mistake somewhere, so that's why I'm posting. :)

I did an SSH login to check if their services were running - they were.

I've looked at their logs through package center, as I thought maybe they have errors during startup. They don't seem to - SabNZBD+ starts on ip, which concerns me.

I disabled Photo Station, as someone said the ports might conflict.

I wanted to try and edit the .ini file for sabnzbd, but I wasn't able to get in with SFTP, I got a filezilla error message. My Linux SSH skills are just about exhausted by running putty, logging in and typing "top", so while I can get in with SSH, I dunno what the commands are for navigating, and I couldn't find a command list or help online. :(

I'm sure it is the same error for both - their reactions are completely similar, after all. I just don't know how to fix it.

So how did I get here:
1. I've installed both packages, plus python, from

2. I've disabled my firewall. Just for now, until I figure this out.

Anyone have an idea what my problem might be? I'm drawing a blank here, to be honest. :(

Thanks for reading people, I appreciate it - I know how tiring tech support on a forum can be.


I'm New!
I'm New!
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Re: Sickbeard and SabNZBD+ won't display web pages

Unread post by Larzjg » Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:21 pm

So, I fixed my problem - I'll share, in case anyone else is running into the same issue.

What was the problem?
I was accessing my Synology DS411 from the external IP. When Synology was linking to the SabNZBD+, it linked to the external IP with the altered port. My router's port forwards were not configured correctly for those.

How did I solve it?
Instead of going to the external ip,, I went to the local IP that looks like This served the pages perfectly.

Lessons learned?
I will remember that if it feels like a firewall issue, it probably is a firewall issue. :)

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