improving emule performance on slower synology models

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improving emule performance on slower synology models

Postby bilbobagginz » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:10 pm

I write this tutorial to explain how I solved the problem of slow downloading and bad performance with Download Station regarding emule with my DS209j.

- stop the download station service (disable "enable eMule downloads")

- enable ssh or telnet and login as root (same password as admin)

- edit amule.conf file with the following command:
vi /usr/syno/etc/amule/amule.conf

- scroll to the line that indicates "ConnectToKad=1" and modify it to "ConnectToKad=0"

- save the file and re-enable emule downloads

OPTIONAL: you may also lower max active connections from 500 to 300 in emule preferences tab

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