DSM and ioncube compatibility

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DSM and ioncube compatibility

Unread post by Plexa » Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:03 pm

Hello Everyone,

I put there my topic because its question related not to external application, but system itself.

Im a user of many Synology machines (from small ARM based to x86), also what may be a salt in some eyes

im using Qnap systems just to compare two of them.

One day i decided to move one php aplication from Qnap x86 to DS 710+ (which i still realy love)

but.. i reached problem installing IONCUBE loader on my server. Everytime i tried (i tried 30 times)

i reach confusion and HTTP 500 and many other errors and hangs.

Finally i reach conlusion reading a lot of (also in this forum) that using ioncube and then more complicated paid

php aplication that use ioncube on synology are not possible(please correct me if im wrong).

Well good to mention that on Qnap you may reach some problems but finally its possible.

I read a lot of fairytales about x86 ioncube Synology installation i I have question for you (and Synology team)

why its not possible still, even system reach version 6.x and you, programmers still ignore begs' and requests

from all us, world around users to let Synology machines to work with Ioncube extension.

What's the problem another then internal software bug that make system crash just after turning right ioncube module?

Question for synology users, does anyone installed and USED SUCCESFULLY ioncube on DS 710+ ?

Please dont write "yes i did it". Just tell me how to do that.

Thank you very much.


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Re: DSM and ioncube compatibility

Unread post by cosmichobo » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:05 pm

I would also very much like to see Synology include IONCUBE in the PHP extension settings options as most commercial servers offer it. I have asked support several times for this and they always say they will consider it but then nothing happens.

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