No PHP write permissions

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No PHP write permissions

Unread post by catotonic » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:49 pm

I am trying to install Fengoffice on my Synology 216+ii.
I copied the unzipped files into my web directory as directed and tried running the installer but got the message the PHP does not write permissions for several folder, and I assume their files.
I ran chmod and all the required files now 0755 permissions
Upon more research, I believe the problem is that the Fengoffice files were installed using my login credentials with a simple file copy and that PHP is trying to access them with the user name "http".
I tried to chown the folders to "http" but there is no group name and Synology ignores me.
My question(s)
How do I copy file into my web directory so that PHP has write access to them?
What can I do the folders and files besides chown or chmod?
Do I need to, (should I) change the user name of Apache web server?
How would I change the name?


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