404 customised page for DSM (i.e.: shared links not found page)

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404 customised page for DSM (i.e.: shared links not found page)

Postby sesardelaisla » Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:59 am

Hi All,

My first post... I hope I am posting in the right forum.

I would like to know whether there is a clean way to customise the 404 Synology branded page embedded in the DSM nginx web server. I mean the error page generated by the DSM itself, not the Web Station one. For instance, the one which is displayed when you follow a File Station shared link which does not exist. After some research, I have found out that modifying the following file does the trick:

Code: Select all


However, I guess that this modification will be lost after every update. Besides, modifying this file enables the DSM system files have been modified unexpectedly alert in the Security Advisor so I would like to do this with some kind of workaround without disabling this check, if any.

DSM 6.0.1-7393 Update 1
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