Synology Drive 2018

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I'm New!
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Synology Drive 2018

Unread post by marathon » Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:40 pm

Hi there! I would like to propose an improved user experience for the Synology Drive app.

The problem

Users who are not administrators or familiar with the Synology Drive client are having a hard time selecting which of the folder should be synced to their computer. The main issue right now is that the user must conduct multiple actions.

first action:
Right click on a local folder in de Drive directory and select: Stop syncing this folder.
second action:
Deleting the now "not synced anymore" folder to the trash bin.
third action
Empty the trash bin. (dan finally save storage space)

The second action is ver scary for a lot of novice users, because they think they have deleted the folder which is always a scary moment. And after you have stopped syncing a specific folder, you can only recognize because of the icon with red dot and the white cross in it.

The solution

Don't require any action after a user has decided no to sync a folder anymore, just let the drive app delete this folder to the trash bin for you, automatically!

The sync task window which popups in the desktop app is very hard to navigate. Collapsing a folder structure or selecting it, resets the viewing plane. so every time you have to scroll again to the folder an again unfold the folder..this is very cumbersome and doesn't feels user friendly.

Why not use the splended web interface which the new Drive App has now. That would be a perfect place to easily manage which folders are synced en which not.

Just for the record I'm only working on MacOs.

Hope my input is food for though. I'm really enjoying this software/hardware combo. I just want to simplify actions and enhance the user experience for novice users / wifes ;-)

Cheers Thijs

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Re: Synology Drive 2018

Unread post by Rusty1281 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:09 pm

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