Video Station Filter by Audio Language / by Subtitle Language

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I'm New!
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Video Station Filter by Audio Language / by Subtitle Language

Unread post by amirvf » Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:25 am

There are many times you want to watch some movies of other languages such as French Movies.
There are no option to find you french movies among thousands of movies you have.

I wish there would be a language tag available in the movie information so movies could be filtered according to that tag.
At the moment I add a manual language tag in the "Genre" section as "French" for example. Then If I want to see French movies, I filter "Genre" and select "French". But I think language is an important information of a movie and it should have its own section.

Alternative solution is to have Filters by movie Audio/Subtitle language which is not available in Video Station. Plex has included this feature which makes it very useful.



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