Need additional port for Photo Station

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Need additional port for Photo Station

Unread post by mbreeze3 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:26 am

Hi - I looked through the forum a bit to find some answers on this topic, but I'm not crazy about the answers I found on creating reverse proxy's, etc. to change the port on photo station from 443 to something else. My request is for Synology to bring back the screen that allowed me to designate a separate port for photo station, much as in DSM 5.X. Ever since DSM 6 came out, this functionality disappeared. We have multiple NAS's in the company running multiple photo servers and I need to direct ports off the router to unique instances of the Photo station on each NAS. Apologies if I have missed this request or a solution to this request, but again, looking for the 5.X like functionality on this one.


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