Synology router feature requests

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Synology router feature requests

Unread post by huygens_25 » Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:28 pm

I'm really interested in the new Synology router RT1900ac. I see the following advantages compare to the competition (warning, some points are totally subjective):
  • Good security: Synology - albeit had a few set back - but has mostly pushed quickly security updates and had good security features by default (HTTPS, support custom CA, 2FA, etc.) which are on DSM and seems to be existing to on SRM!
  • Good update track: I still have a NAS bought in 2011 which is still supported by Synology. This should be the norm, but sadly few manufacturer are keeping products up-to-date for so long. I hope Synology continue supporting in the next year :-) My expectation is that SRM would have such excellent track record!
  • Good user interface with advanced functions
Now what I do not see in the product datasheet and in the product documentation is a feature which I look forward in a consumer grade router: VLAN tagging and inter-VLAN routing. I don't find this feature in the product description. Is it just missing or not supported? Do you plan on supporting it, and when?

PS: at the moment I own a Asus RT-AC68U. Asus seems to also provide regular updates and long support. But they do not seem so skilled in terms of security. This router I own is really good and is technically equivalent to Synology's. So the only reason that could make me buy the Synology would me VLAN support which the Asus does not have. It would not be wasting either, I good recondition the Asus as an AP and use the Synology as the only router.

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Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by NapO » Fri Nov 13, 2015 12:00 am

Hello synology,

can you add an app for synology DS/RS systems that you can manage your RT1900's in your network.
- second; management/reporting info from your RT1900's in your network through your diskstation (as central management)
- third; roaming through accesspoints
- fourth: multiple ssid / vlan enrolment through your diskstation.
- fifth: client management (see connection strength/with accesspoint the are on through your diskstation management
- sixth: different ssid through different accesspoints
- seventh: select your signal power per accesspoint through diskstation wifi manager

nice to have web site protection management through ssid's and selection with accesspoint enrolment
nice to have app on iphone/android to manage multiple accesspoints/settings through your diskstation

thanks in advance,

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by Asterix » Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:25 pm

- View the serial number, easier when you need to send an email to support :?
- Reboot the RT via the iOS app
- Possibility to name mac-addresses, it's currently a struggle to figure out which mac address is which device as not all devices send their name. There is one screen were you can enter a name, but this isn't stored.
- Maybe a proxy server, with the possibility to have it's storage on an attached USB memory stick.
- Wireless neighborhood scan to view other networks.

- RT manager via the DSM

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by cowpilot » Sat Nov 28, 2015 1:18 pm

I'm a new user rt1900ac user from France. I have to use it in bridge mode, because the tv mode of my setopbox (freebox v6) doesn't work (tv only) if the freebox server is on another LAN.
It works well, I use it in switch mode (bridge) with wifi point access in replacement of the freebox wifi
I would like to get the same security mode, the same parental control in the bridge mode than in the routeur mode.
Thanks a lot!

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by AcostaJA » Sat Nov 28, 2015 10:44 pm

LinkAggregation, in a synology ecosystem it's a must, there are software-based LinkAgregation solutions on OpenWRT as well on Un Offical Asus Firmware, so why not on Synology RT19700ac?

This wil be welcome on small groups linking a dual port NAS to an RT1900ac and two secondary Switches to the remaining free ports will allow for cheap, quick and resource efficient deployments.

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by dselvey » Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:16 am

Hi I've just emailed support with the following list of suggestions i would really like to see,

- VLAN Support (Tagged/Port based)
- Additional DHCP Scope(s) for guest network/perhaps VLAN (Allow separate IP/DNS allocation)
- DHCP options configuration
- Whole network and separate Guest network web filtering/traffic control.
- Device grouping for web filtering/traffic control.
- Additional custom filtering levels.
- Port based QoS
- Within the UI, the ability to see the device IP anywhere the device is mentioned/listed (tooltip?) rather than having to compare with the DHCP list.
- URL Logging/Stats (or even just DNS requests)
- Web Caching to SD/USB drive. (Perhaps have caching transparent proxy app?)

I also second the Link Aggregation request.

The majority of the above are available on some routers, eg Draytek at similar price points. I admit i thought it was going to be my DiskStation with DD-WRT level features available. I love my DiskStations, because it goes above and beyond in terms of features and I hope to see the same as the RT1900 develops.

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by crossblade » Mon Nov 30, 2015 1:50 pm

I love the RT1900ac router.

The userinterface is as well designed as the DiskStations. And the Performance as a NAS is uncompareable to other Routers. especially the stelar performance in combination with a 64GB SD card make me want more.

But I miss a few Apps:
  • The Proxy especially with the ability to capture all http trafic would make much sense there
  • CloudStation - I would love to have a couple of files always available and reduce the WOL time of the Diskstation
  • PhotoStation - Share some photos with people
  • NoteStation - same as Photos but not as important as Cloud or Photo
On the other side i could go without
  • DLNA Server
  • Radius Server
  • Download Station
Because these are much more suited for a DiskStation in my opinion

In Conclusion I would love to move some Apps that use relativ little storage but are best keept always on to the Router.
Since they are essentially already programmed for the DiskStaion it would be great to see them merged onto the Router.
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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by nelek » Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:01 pm

I posted these in a separate thread but a mod chose to bury my post several levels deep in the designated router subforum, which you will never find unless you know where its located, so I'm going to post my wishlist here in a thread where it's more visible :

* When running both a DHCP and DNS Server on the system, the DHCP Server does not talk to the DNS Server. It would be handy that if you set up a zone in the DNS Server, you could enter the zone extension in the DHCP Server andhave the DHCP server register the DNS records in the DNS Server for the client hosts automatically. This is standard functionality in other provisioning systems.
* For the DNS Server, it would also be handy if you could synchronize your master zones with another DNS Server instance on another box (say running on your Synology NAS) and have the DHCP Server distribute multiple DNS Servers. Again this is standard functionality in other provisioning systems.
* The IPv6 tunneling functionality is very limited, only supporting TSP tunneling. Since the choice of third-party TSP tunnel providers is very scarce, adding 6in4 and AYIYA tunneling would be beneficial.
* It would be handy to have the Synology LDAP Package on the device, and have the parental controls work with the users you set up in the device. This would be easy to do since the router is already seeing which IP the LDAP authentications are coming from.
* The RSM Package manager is quite empty for time being. This is to be expected from a repository from a product that, unlike when the DSM package system was launched, doesn't have a big install base. I'm hoping to see more interesting functionality here in the future for things like a wider support of VPN/TOR clients, application filtering features, incoming mail server (SMTP relay), ... In order to make these packages, developers need the RSM toolchain.
* Docker support on the device would be handy, for adding functionality that isn't available in package format yet, as would be for package development.

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by dark_perfect » Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:52 am

I'd like to push what nelek has said.

It would be nice for the DHCP and DNS server to feel like they're working together a bit more when they're both enabled. That said, the most desired feature for me is to allow us to set the DNS search suffix in DHCP server that gets pushed down to clients. You can do configure this manually on the interface for each individual client, but that negates the point of DHCP a little bit!

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by lfn » Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:52 pm

I have a RT1900AC and is very happy with it ! Being a router - and not a NAS - I think it is pretty feature rich and and the same time very easy to manage. It also appears robust and solid in wireless performance and routing - no breakdowns or fallout's observed at this time (3 weeks uninterrupted so far) !

That said, one feature I really miss, and somehow naively expected from Synology, i the ability to work as a backup target for Synology NAS'es. I have a DS710+ NAS and would really like to see the RT1900AC attached USB storage as a target for backing up the NAS. This would mean something like R-SYNC support on the RT1900AC because Synology NAS'es do not support a simple backup to a "dumb" network share (or NFS) - as I sadly now understands. I prefer to use the RT1900AC for backup (rather than attaching an external drive to the NAS) as it is (somewhat) remote to the NAS even though it is in the same building and as such more hidden to (say) thieves stealing the NAS.

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by ikeke » Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:57 am


Port Range Forwarding would be great. At the moment, it's only possible to forward one port at a time, which is very painful when you need to forward, for example, 32 ports for the FTP Passive mode. It would be much easier and more handy to manage if in one forwarding rule, we could forward ports from x to y.
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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by oRBIT » Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:50 pm

I was very interested in this device when it was announced but interest dropped down through the floor when I saw the available number of packages. That's really weak! I hope they port Webstation/MariaDB/Cloudstation/pretty much all of their NAS-apps to this router. But perhaps they don't want people to get a router instead of their more expensive NAS'es..

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by TheNemic » Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:10 pm

Yeah Port Range Forwarding is a requested feature :( though is was build in it :(
Synology DS 1515+

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Re: Synology RT1900ac feature requests

Unread post by amos.yung » Tue Dec 22, 2015 5:38 pm

I cannot find options to remote restart the RT1900ac router thru the Android Apps.

and ICMP ping responses on WAN, good for troubleshooting.

If it is not yet implemented, I wish it will be there soon.

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Synology router request

Unread post by bonuxlee » Thu Dec 24, 2015 11:28 am


I just have bought a synology RT1900 router. It seam a very powerfull device, with nice look :)

But there is some basic missing features (present on my isp box !)
- parental control
* Manage "special days" planning (like an 8th dayweek managed by an annual calendar, typically to manage hollidays)
* Manage groups. Childs have now many devices. Its a pain to define each of them individually and change all of them, one by one, each time a child have a restrition/exceptional authorization. It is simplier if we can define hours acces for a group of devices
* Restrict also default access ! Childs are malicious. Actually we must define (one by one) all the restricted access device. It mean that if a child invite a friend, the friend will have full internet access. We need a default restricted access for all undefined devices.

All of theses features already exists in my isp box (but i cant use them if i use syno router...)
I hope you can add them soon :)

- Network access
* No possibility to define a list of auth devices connected with cable, simply with mac addr, like we can do for wifi devices

That's all for the day, thank you for the product, it seam a very powerfull device


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