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Learning to Drive

Unread post by dmoors » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:20 pm

As a new NAS owner and new to Synology, I found I needed a driving instructor to teach me how to Drive. The help and the knowledgebase didn't really help much.

I found a driving instructor at the Synology support chat. I would never have achieved what I wanted on my own, even though a pretty simple requirement, so I thought I'd post what I learnt here.

I just wanted to sync my existing laptop Documents and Pictures folders to corresponding new folders on the NAS. I created the new shared folders using Control Panel, but could not work out how to sync them.

The Drive user guide and knowledgebase assume you want to sync a newly created Drive folder on your PC to the NAS, and everything you put in there will be synced. Just like Onedrive or Google Drive, but on your NAS.

The function to sync any other PC folders is in the NAS package "Drive Admin Console", and is confusingly called Team Folders, even though there's only me, my own files, and I'm not a team player :-)
Select the Team Folders icon in the left-hand pane, then in the right-hand pane all the shared folders on your NAS are listed.
Select each one you'd like to sync and click the Enable button at the top of the panel. The enabled folders are now shown as "enabled" in the list.
Install the Drive PC application on your PC by downloading it from Synology download centre.
Create a new sync task in the PC application, follow the steps in the wizard, select your NAS in the Drive Server section, click the Edit (pencil) icon, and under Team Folders (click to expand) you can see and select the shared folders you enabled on your NAS.
You can then select your source (PC) folders to be synced with the NAS shared folders you just enabled.
Simple when you know how. The rest of the process is as per the documentation.

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Re: Learning to Drive

Unread post by telos » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:07 am

Really helpful. Thanks for posting.


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