Face recognition is broken

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I'm New!
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Face recognition is broken

Postby HowieDoo » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:55 pm

My System: DS216j


At first I copied some photo folders to Synology Drive to test Moments. All of these photos were taken from my smartphones camera. I was really surprised because all faces were detected in a short amount of time and while the recognition was in progress, the number of photos which were in line for processing was constantly reduced (counter at the top of the people album). At the end I've got many faces in my people album (People in the Background, Foreground, Faces from Photos on a Magazine etc.)

Then I wanted to use Moments because the first test results were good. I set up the uploader from my Android Smartphone and started to copy some more folders into my Drive.
The result: The face detection breaks after the recognition of some faces (The counter freezes at x photos are in line for processing). If I use the button for re-indexing all folders, the amount of photos in the counter increases (e.g. 12 Photos were in line for processing and 20 Photos are stored in the drive -> the counter shows 32).

Setting up Moments again: Delete Moments (with Database), remove all Photos from the Drive, reinstall Moments

Then I set up Moments again and imported all images again -> Even the faces which were perfectly recognized in my test aren't recognized anymore.
Again I set up Moments and imported images in a certain order again -> Faces which were perfectly recognized in my test are recognized again. As soon as I uploaded images which I received per WhatsApp (without any time, exif etc. info) the Face Recognition breaks.
-> I thought this is a reason.
Again I set up Moments and imported imported images taken from my smartphone camera with all info similar to my test photos -> Faces were detected on two images before the Face Recognition breaks again.

So I've got a problem but no solution. Does anyone got an Idea?

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