New NAS / Backup options and advice wanted

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New NAS / Backup options and advice wanted

Unread post by neilpotter » Wed May 24, 2017 8:46 pm

We are looking to replace an old Mac Mini server with something of larger capacity, and improved backup features, and were considering a Synology NAS.
Looking at the Software Spec, there are so many backup options I got a but lost so wanted to post the question here on what people would do in this scenario :-

The NAS only really needs to be a file server for 5 macs on a local network, and possibly be available now and again for the odd remote user via a firewall to firewall VPN.

Backup wise, we ideally need a nightly offsite backup of all the data, and also a secondary file level backup, ideally incremental so we can have some sort of file level, versioned backup.

For the offsite, I figured get a 2nd NAS and do a sync over a VPN, but I wasn’t sure if there was an easy way to cover the incremental/versioned backup to cover us for corrupted / deleted files that don’t get noticed for a few days (and consequently will be lost during the offsite sync.

So how would you sort this?

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Re: New NAS / Backup options and advice wanted

Unread post by sieberta » Wed May 24, 2017 10:11 pm

You have so many options it isn't even funny.

One option for versionining is snapshots if you have BTRFS file system. This is local, but still good for randsomware protection.
Also, using Hyper Backup allows versioning, even in your cloud backup. Amazon Drive is an available option with unlimited storage for $60/year
You can also do Hyper Backup to a local volume or USB drive (with versioning).
2nd NAS over VPN is an option for backup (via Hyper Backup) including versioning

There are still more options... but these are some good ones.

I use snapshots, and local backups, and usb backups (rotating offsite) and amazon drive... that isn't overkill is it?

One nice thing about snapshots is that it uses almost no resources and takes almost no time, you can run it hourly if desired... or more. But it only keeps a maximum of 1/hr after an hour... so I do hourly.

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Re: New NAS / Backup options and advice wanted

Unread post by dlance13 » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:24 pm

sieberta wrote:Amazon Drive is an available option with unlimited storage for $60/year
Just FYI...Amazon has eliminated the unlimited plan. It is now $12 for 100gb or $60 for 1tb (and $60 for each additional terabyte) per year.


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