DS2413+ to DS1817+ upgade

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DS2413+ to DS1817+ upgade

Unread post by Diobolito » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:58 pm


The company I work for is currently running a DS2413+ with 4 ironwolf 10tb drives in one volume, and another volume consisting of 8 3TB WD Red drives. Both volumes are running on SHR. Due too laws changing in Europe, we now have all of the shares encrypted, however, this has caused data rates to drop from 100MB/s to 25MB/s.

We're considering upgrading to a DS1817+, with a better CPU and the Hardware Encryption Engine, but before we do we want to be sure that buying this NAS will increase our performance.

We use the NAS to make and store back-ups of customer's machines on as they go through our repair department, for data integrity. So most of the required performance comes down to raw MB/s and encoding performance, but we can't seem to find a benchmark specifically testing this.

I was wondering if some people here might be running the same, or a similar, system and have it running encryption, who can tell me what the average data transfer rate is for this model.


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