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What's new?

Unread post by wabe » Sun Dec 03, 2006 11:17 am

Wonder what is new in the firmware?

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Unread post by etoel » Sun Dec 03, 2006 5:44 pm

(1753) In Photo Station users are now able to right click on original-size photo to save it to the desktop.
(1874) Improved Photo Station display performance
(1981) DMA support list updated http://www.synology.com/enu/support/hel ... p?q_id=298
(2116) Enhanced the information display on Download Redirector when the volume is full.
(2433, 2435) Domain users are allowed to login via FTP/AFP
(2438) Photo Station: (1) new UI (2) better performance (3) allows user comment on individual photo (4) better browsing experience (5) allows choosing album cover (6) allows editing title and description on photo or album
(2453) Enhanced RAID 5 write performance
(2472) Users are able to expand RAID 1 or RAID 5 volume to a larger one by replacing existing hard drives with larger ones one by one.
(2517, 2643) Download Station enhancement: (1) allows users to set the port range (2) bandwidth control
(2524) FTP enhancement: (1) allows user to set the port range for passive FTP (2) automatically block repeated attempt IP’s
(2525) Web management UI: (1) function items are reorganized (2) CSS style sheet is improved.
(2534) Users can create a Non-RAID first and upgrade it to RAID 1 in a later time when another hard drive is added.
(2595) LED behavior is changed as below:LED Description

Constant Blue = Power On / System Ready
Blinking Blue = System is booting or shutdown
Off = Power Off

Constant Green = Detected Local Network
Blinking Green = Acting
Off = No Network Detected

Constant Green = Normal
Constant Orange = Available Volume Space < 1GB)
Blinking Orange = Disk Crashed / Volume Degraded or Crashed

Constant Green = Disk ready and idle
Blinking Green = Disk is being accessed
Blinking Orange = Cannot Read/Write
Off = No Disk

(2667) [PHP] Support BCMath Arbitrary Precision Mathematics Functions
(2725) Fixed: shared folders sometimes are lost after abnormal power failure.
New feature: Ez-Internet is added in this release. System will detect if Disk Station is connected to a gateway on the LAN. If so, Administrator can set up automatic port-forwarding or map the Disk Station to a registered DDNS hostname.
(72) NTFS support: read-only NTFS support is added for external hard drives.
(2165) USB disk hibernation is supported
(2365) Enhanced data copy stability for wireless environment.
(2476) "Email" input field is added for Administrator to enter for each user. A notification containing password information will be sent to the user afterward.

Major Changes of Synology Data Replicator II
(231) Enhanced: DR II will automatically change port to prevent installation port conflict
(276, 424) Enhanced: the ability to backup long file name is enhanced. 240 bytes of file length is allowed.
(319) Enhanced: when installing new version of DR II, users no long need to uninstall the older version manually. The installation program has integrated the process.
(395) New feature: added an option for the user to run DR II automatically when Windows starts.
(406) Enhanced: Read-only files are now able to be backed up.
(409) Enhanced: open files are now able to be backed up using Immediate backup and Schedule backup.
(410) New feature: Windows Domain users are now able to use DR II to back up files.
(413) New feature: deleted files from the PC will also be removed from the “latest” folder from the server so they will both have exactly same files.
(415) Enhanced: Synchronization and Schedule backup are allowed to co-exist from this release on.
(438) Enhanced: when doing Synchronization, a confirmation message will pop up to inform the user the selected folders contains Outlook path, and let users decide if they want to continue. (PS. The message is still in un-proofread English)

Known Issue
Multilingual UI strings are still without proofreading/find-tuning.
Photo Station thumbnails will be re-created after upgrading to this beta patch.

I'm New!
I'm New!
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Unread post by Lare » Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:19 pm

Too bad there's no iTunes server support in this release :cry:

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Unread post by Romeo » Mon Jan 15, 2007 2:26 pm

Lare wrote:Too bad there's no iTunes server support in this release :cry:
Yeah that really sucks, lots of other nas brands has it and they said Q1 and most people are starting to have huge music libaries.


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