System hang-up bis

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System hang-up bis

Unread post by Narsil » Mon Jan 15, 2007 7:41 pm

Hi folks,

For the second time, i loosed the SMB connection (no way to connect from any client to any share). On the CS, all leds where green, WebUI was ok, the log showed no notification.

I tried a reboot, and from then, the "power led" is blinking but all other leds on the CS are still green.

The WebUI is still ok and the log doesn't show anything on the logs.

The shares are back for all clients, but the "power led" is still blinking.

Last time I had this issue, i unplugged the power and ... creshed the RAID5 volume ... i don't want to retry !

I've opened a support case, but i can't wait 48 hours like this, does anyone have a suggestion ?




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