Can't access /usr/local/sabnzbd/var/scripts on synology.

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I'm New!
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Can't access /usr/local/sabnzbd/var/scripts on synology.

Postby Guffas » Wed Jan 13, 2016 12:18 am

Hello forum!

I hope I posted this the right place.

I just bought a Sinology DS215j, and I just installed SABNZBD and SickBeard. It is all working fine up until the point when SAB is finished downloading - it does not move the file in the wanted folder, e.g. series - dexter - season 5. So I dug around a little and found that I needed to create a sabtosickbeard file in order for this to work. Can anyone help me with that. I tried accessing the aforementioned folder via SSH, but it told me that the access was denied. Is there a permission I need to enable before this can work. And yes, I have enabled SSH on my Synology.
So what I'm asking is: how do I access the script folder on my Synology, and how do I create the SabToSickBeard script.

I Hope you guys can help!

Best regards,

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