Total attachment size exceeds the limit

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Total attachment size exceeds the limit

Unread post by alexbc » Tue Jun 19, 2018 3:20 pm

Hi, I've configured Mailplus server in my SD218+ with the objective to use it to archive my old emails.

Account is configured; I can connect to my email account using MAC Outlook client; and I've started copying my old emails to my account.

First error I had was related on the size of an attachment, which I addressed increasing the "Maximum Size Per Email" to 40MB.

But after copying ~200 emails I started receiving the error "The total attachment size exceeds the limit. Try removing one or more attachments before saving or sending."

My mailbox size limit is set to 0 (unlimited) and I have no quotas defined for my user. Is there any limitation on the total size of the attachments? In case yes, is that configurable? and how?

Thanks :)


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