Using HB for file migration to new NAS

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Using HB for file migration to new NAS

Unread post by Wildeaux » Sat Jun 23, 2018 1:15 am

A few tips for migrating files from an existing NAS to a new one. I last did this about a year ago trying to create a redundant NAS from a 214Play to a 916+II, but the explanation on how to do it successfully has been lost in a ton of posts in this forum. I'm now creating redundant file structure from the 916 to a 718+. Mostly music and movie MP4's, but a major pain in the arse trying to drag and drop a TB of data between the two units over my LAN.

For whatever reason the FAQ still reflects file transfer over a LAN using an "app" that is no longer available on the current DSM: 6.2 - 23739, or simply swapping out HDD's - not an option for me.. HB works for this purpose, but it is slow. A few tweeks to be aware of:

1. Employing/logging in as an "admin" user on the destination nas did not work for me. I set up a "typical" user without "admin" rights on the destination nas before the software would behave. Be sure to provide the "new" user read/write access to the files. Make SURE you have the password correct for the new user or you'll go through filling out a litany of information before finding out your inputs result in an nas validation issue - HB cannot access the "remote" or "destination" nas.

2. Run HB on the "source" nas with the "destination" set at your new nas - "remote" should locate it over your LAN. Set up a "shared" folder on the destination nas where you can easily find the *.hbk file.

3. Once the backup has finished from the source nas to the destination nas, and here's the clincher, log into your "destination" nas and double click on the *.hbk file. This will (should) give you the option to "Copy to" the backup to the folder of your choice on the destination nas (Remote nas). Going to the "Restore" button (clock symbol in the lower left hand side of the HB menu) on your Source nas will only give you the option to restore the backup TO the SOURCE nas.

4. I was getting "no directory found" or something similar when first trying all of the above - create a "dummy" folder on the destination nas, and then copy a file to it. For whatever reason it seemed to eliminate the error, and all went smoothly after that.

Not an end all, but hopefully will save you hours searching through the archives on how to get this egregious task accomplished. Bon chance!

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Re: Using HB for file migration to new NAS

Unread post by telos » Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:40 pm

That seems like a lot of work. If both NAS are on the same LAN, I mount the remote NAS in File Station and then drag/drop/copy files/folders where desired.


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