DS1515 - DSM Update stuck

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DS1515 - DSM Update stuck

Postby sorcererstone » Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:37 am

Hello All. I am stuck in DSM update. Need advise!!

System involved is DS1515. It is located in offsite hundreds of miles from where I am.

I need to install the latest DSM 6.1.3, then install the critical update for this version of DSM, and then install the latest hyper-backup app. I have filed a number of tickets during the past month and this critical update released short while ago is supposed to fix my issues.

The DSM in DS1515 was (a few hours ago) DSM 6.0.1. DS1515 could not update to DSM 6.1.3 from DSM 6.0.1. Synology told me I need to upgrade to DSM 6.0.2 first before I can upgrade to DSM 6.1.3. My DS is in a closed network, i.e. no internet connection. So, I have to do all these updates manually.

DS1515 accepted the DSM 6.0.2 pat file and ran through the update process. It then proceeded to restarting the system. The restarting went on for an hour. Synology support (before it closed for service for today) told me to refresh the page. The page went blank and display a warning that it cannot connect to the IP address anymore.

Synology Assistance is located in a PC (Win7 Pro). Since DS1515 does not seem to restart properly, I instructed SA to search for all the disk stations in the network (I have 3). It cannot detect DS1515 anymore. In the windows directory of the PC, the mapped network drive directory to DS1515 now has a RED cross next to it and the directory in DS1515 is no longer accessible.

DS1515 is located in an off-site far way. The site is closed now. So, I cannot physically go to the server rack to see if the lights on DS1515 are still on (I strongly believe the lights are still on).

Can someone with experience in upgrading DSM please tell me what might have happened?
Come Monday, when someone goes to the server room, should I ask that person to look for whether the lights on DS 1515 are on (That was what Synology support told be before they closed)?
Since DS1515 is not responding, SA cannot detect its existence, should I just ask someone to turn off the power of DS1515 and turns it back on again on Monday?
What might have happened when DS1515 trying to restart after the new DSM was "installed"?
Is the DS 1515 toasted?
What could the DSM in DS1515 be now? DSM 6.0.1 or DSM 6.0.2? Of course, if I can power it up, I can find out, but this is a catch 22 situation. I cannot access DS 1515 now.
What are the possible scenarios I am facing? Complete system failure? I need to prepare for these uncertainties.
What are the possible options I should consider in order to vitalize this DS1515 unit?

Thanks in advance.

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