Chromecast and Smart Connect "auto selection', any good?

Discussion about the hardware compatibility of the Synology router.
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Chromecast and Smart Connect "auto selection', any good?

Unread post by horizonbrave » Sun May 06, 2018 9:54 am

I know that in order to use the Chromecast connected to my TV it has to be on the same WiFi network of my casting device (an Android phone in my case).
I please wonder what happen with the Smart Connect function of my Synology router set on "2.4GHz/5GHz auto selection": will the Chromecast only see the same and only WiFi network/SSID or will it be switching between the two?
Or will the switch be done "internally" on the router so that they'll both appear (the phone and the chromecast) to be always on the same WLan?

Many thanks :)

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Re: Chromecast and Smart Connect "auto selection', any good?

Unread post by drabisan » Wed May 09, 2018 6:35 pm

Disclaimer: I don't own a Synology router. I use an Asus router with it's flavour of Auto Selection called Heart Connect. And my Chromecast is wired for day by day use.
Chromecast and Google Home are sharing the same code for initial wireless setup. And it's a PITA because both are expecting phone to be on the same BSSID (same SSID, same radio). If either phone Chromecast/Home are assigned to a different radio, initial setup fails.
There is an workaround: disable Auto Selection, create the same SSID as before for 5GHz and a random one for 2.4. And do the initial setup. Once completed you can reenable AS and make sure SSID is the one you want. After the initial setup it doesn't matter if phone is on a different BSSID, they communicate properly.
(Assuming you want your Chromecast on 5GHz. If you want it on 2.4 you configure your SSID to 2.4 and a random/temporary one on 5)


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