CS407 Compatible Hard Drive

Discussion about the hardware compatibility of the Synology router.
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CS407 Compatible Hard Drive

Postby piggybank1974 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:40 am

After 10 years of solid use, One of My 4 Hitachi drive has crashed it's volume, now as the CS407 is 10 years old, the drives on the list are just about gone, does any body know of new drives that would be compatible with the machine, I remember a few years ago I bought a Seagate drive, but it effected the other drives as it would not boot down, costing more electricity than I would of liked, I did change this for the original drive I had, and they again booted down.

1) - compatible drive
2) - One that can turn off/boot down when not in use.
3) - 1TB should be fine about £50 or so.

Any advice would be great

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