EXTENAL HDD buy help for 2600 router

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EXTENAL HDD buy help for 2600 router

Postby Johnmg » Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:11 am

I have 2 NAS all with WD Red drives. I am getting the 2600 Routet to replace my Apple Extreme TC AC router. I very much appreciate any thoughts on what Western Digital HDD I can use. I looked at the Compatability list and it only shows.......
I was about to ask a question and then I discovered how to interprute the Compatability List. It shows not what HDD you can use but what External case you can use. That would include all case + Hdd combo units like the Seagate Passport as an example. I prefer getting the HDD separate from the case. I don't like all the backup ware,etc. that they add to these units.
I settled for the Vantec Nexstar CX SuperSpeed NST310S3-BK case and a Westernal Digital HDD. I have used a Vantec case before and like it. In the compat. List it says these 2 models were tested with this case.....
WD40EZRX - WD Green 4.0TB
WD1003FZEX- WD Black 1.0TB
I am reading into this that a WD Green 2TB drive would also work. The Green drives are discontinued. I bet the WD Blue drives would work but don't quote me on that. I have both the 1TB WD Black 7200 drive (fast but uses more power) and I have the WD Green 2TB Drive, slow but very low on power. Since I am going to leave the HDD on all the time, I am going to try the Green drive. I have a NAS for Streaming video. Also the specs for the case says anything UP to 8TB will work. This case is discontinued. I bet what ever the replacement case is would work but I decided to by this case since it is on the Compat List.


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