[RT2600AC] Ethernet LAN ports die every few days, weeks

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[RT2600AC] Ethernet LAN ports die every few days, weeks

Postby ikjadoon » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:55 pm

Hello! I've got a support ticket open with Synology, but though I'm curious if anyone has had this issue on their own and maybe discovered a solution:

All four Ethernet LAN ports "die": no wired clients can access the internal network nor the internet. All wireless clients function perfectly throughout. The wired clients sometimes claim "No Ethernet detected" or "No connection", but one client does claim "Can't get an IP address"; we have Mac clients, Windows clients, Xbox One, Roku's, and a Liftmaster home automation gateway rotated in at various times--they all, unquestionably and simultaneously, fail when the issue occurs.

We've had abut 6 or 7 incidents just like this; the first was the day we bought the router, they've continued for three months now, and we've had it twice this week. The Logs have only once pointed to an issue with Intrusion Prevention (which we disabled), but the issue persists and otherwise, there are no issues noted in the log. Sometimes in SRM, the clients are visible under "Wired" and sometimes "Wired" is empty (which is an odd sight when there are four Ethernet cables leaving the RT2600ac's rear). Is this a hardware defect, possibly, on our unit?

Restarting the unit (sometimes a few reboots) always fixes the issue, but it's getting tedious. I was hoping a matured prosumer router (released in February '17) with nearly monthly updates/patches would have been more reliable, but maybe we have a hardware dud? Or is there some other hidden issue/bug that kills the Ethernet ports?

We've tried resetting the router, switching around Ethernet cables/ports, and tried the Netgear Orbi & our aging Linksys E4200. Neither have Ethernet disconnections, though they have their own basket of issues, haha.

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