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DownloadStation and subfolders

Unread post by freitasm » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:44 am

Hi folks

I have installed DownloadStation to replace my home server. I copied existing files into the DownloadStation destination folder (\torrent\content). I then copied the corresponding .torrent files to the Load folder. (\torrent\load). This worked fine and after a brief "Checking" the files appear as "Seeding".

So far, so good. But I then copied a collection of files that live in a sub-folder - \torrent\content\subfolder\file1, \torrent\content\subfolder\file2, \torrent\content\subfolder\file3, etc... For this one I loaded the torrent file and select the destination as \torrent\subfolder.

In this case, instead of checking each file DownloadStation went straight into "Downloading". But here is the thing - there was no new file created, the content was downloading into the files I just put there.

Does anyone know how to correctly load files that live in sub-folders?


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