PIA Open VPN client?

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I'm New!
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PIA Open VPN client?

Unread post by wyleeadmin » Sun May 07, 2017 8:54 pm

I just got my new 2600 setup.

So far so good.

The only thing I have really found lacking is it appears I cannot setup a VPN client on it like I Have on my Synology NAS.

I understand that I have only one internet connection for all SSIDS.

What I was really hoping for at the least was to be able to enable and disable the Private Internet Access open VPN for all SSIDS manually.

In a perfect world I want the ability to create multiple SSID's, a 5GHZ for video streaming off the VPN (to bypass VPN blocking by Hulu and Netflix) and a 5GHZ network running on the VPN for all of my other traffic.

And leave my 2.4GHZ network for IOT devices off the VPN.

In an even more perfect world, would like to be able to choose which baseT ports use the VPN.

I bought this router to improve my intranet speed (it has) and to add the ability to obscure my traffic from my ISP now that the US has legalized selling my browser history without having to run the PIA client on all my PC's.

Am I missing something, is this coming in a future release?

Yep, I am already running Pi-Hole and 'Internet noise'.


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