Initial feedback for Synology Router RT1900AC/SRM 1.0

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Initial feedback for Synology Router RT1900AC/SRM 1.0

Postby nelek » Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:04 pm

I've been running a Synology Router the last couple of days, the prospect of being able to run a vendor-supported linux based router with an open architecture and a package manager similar to DSM was very appealing to me. I think possibility for parental controls in a device at this price point is a very interisting feature, as it makes easy to manage access lists possible for almost everyone. Also, the possibility to forward the syslog to an external server is interesting for me.

My initial experience with the device is quite positive. The router is easy to install and configure, and up-to-par with the Synology experience. Although being a solid release to start with any 1.0 version is bound to have some limitations. Some things which still have potential for improvement :

- I'm running both a DHCP and DNS Server on the system. However, unlike other provisioning systems, the DHCP Server does not talk to the DNS Server. It would be handy that if you set up a zone in the DNS Server, you could enter the zone extension in the DHCP Server to make the DCHP Server talk with the DNS Server, and have the DHCP server register the DNS records in the DNS Server for the client host automatically. This is standard functionality in other provisioning systems.
- For the DNS Server, it would also be handy if you could synchronize your master zones with another DNS Server instance on another box (say running on your Synology NAS) and have the DHCP Server distribute multiple DNS Servers. Again this is standard functionality in other provisioning systems.
- The IPv6 functionality is a bit limited, only supporting TSP tunneling. Choice of third-party IPv6 tunnel providers is limited however, with most providing 6in4 and AYIYA tunneling instead. It would be handy if these were also supported.
- It would be handy to have the Synology LDAP Package on the device, and have the parental controls work with the users you set up in the device as well. This would be easy to do since the router is already seeing which IP the LDAP authentications are coming from.
- The RSM Package manager is a bit empty for the moment. This is to be expected from a repository from a product that, unlike when the DSM package system was launched, doesn't have a big install base. I'm hoping to see more interesting functionality here in the future for things like a wider support of VPN/TOR clients, application filtering features, incoming mail server (SMTP relay), ...
- In the meantime, Docker support on this device would be handy, for adding functionality that isn't available in package format yet, and for package development.

And finally, having an own subforum for this product would be very handy as well! :)

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to many more years of continued use of this product.

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