DSM6.0 beta, based on a more efficient system architecture by rolling 64-bit architecture on compatible models and modularizing a greater number of applications, DSM 6.0 delivers significant advancements in productivity, flexibility, and performance.
Key new features in DSM 6.0 include: Btrfs File System, 64-Bit Architecture, Service Modularization, Snapshot & Replication, 802.1X support and much more.
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Re: DSM 6.0RC

Unread post by BUGabundo » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:03 pm

craigandphilina wrote:I think it said 6.0 RC - but I simply said "yes" in Package Center to whatever it wanted to download and install. I'd love to know what to do no - manually restarted it and still cannot connect via ... anything. Someone told me to review Q20 in the FAQ...
try using the reinstall procedure.
if not, reach out to Synology support

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I'm New!
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Re: DSM 6.0RC

Unread post by sundi712 » Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:23 am

binaryjay wrote:I don't understand the fixation with Plex on this board... just build your library in KODI from shares on the diskstation and be done with it. Have more than one HTPC? Just use mysql to store the library database. Are you all REALLY using it to view the library from remote locations? That's just about the only situation where there is some value to it.
Plex is very user friendly and handled subtitlles much better than DS Video did a year ago when I migrated over. I have around 10 users that access my Plex server remotely from multiple devices and it is much easier to manage and troubleshoot with Plex when the codec isn't supported natively. Also, I've had two Plex servers for a while now (Synology and PC) and I'm about to move to one on the PC because the CPU transcoding is much better. The biggest thing that convinced me was the user friendly interface- I was able to create a Plex account for my young niece and nephew w/o a pw and they can browse Plex w/o any issues on a Roku or phone. I have other family members in other states that can access it w/o any issues.

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