Silent Hard Drives

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Silent Hard Drives

Postby nicko_mv » Tue May 01, 2012 2:27 pm


I currently have 2x Seagate green 2TB drives in my DS212 (ST2000DL003). They are great performers at 5900RPM, but they are too noisy for me.

They aren't a deal breaker, but given this NAS is next to the TV it drives me nuts in a quiet room - the 'crunching' from reading and writing data is slowly driving me insane........

Im at the point now where, unfortunately, I need to substitute with something whisper quiet.... But still has OK performance. My current drives well and truly max out the interface (in raid 1 mode), but just need something that doesn't sound that loud. Anyone got any suggestions on drives? 2TB size, and im reluctant to go 2.5 inch,but still want something that isnt going to be the bottleneck for the NAS.


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