Expansion Unit Compatibility during Upgrade

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Expansion Unit Compatibility during Upgrade

Unread post by juwi_uk » Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:12 pm

Having just packed out all slots in my DX-513 with 5x8TB drives running on my DX-916+ (also fully packed with 4x4TB drives) and even though both units are running separate volumes, I am already looking to the future on what my upgrade plans could be without formatting and starting again or picking a new vendor.

Can I thus throw in my “two-penneth worth” here by asking why the expansion units HAVE to be locked to compatibility matrices? Why cant expansions units just be retainable as you upgrade the main system over time. It seems to me that the restrictions for DX-513 versus DX-517 are purely artificially created contraints for marketing ends?

Come on Synology, I’ve no problem upgrading but hey let me do it gradually rather than have to chuck away both the main unit and expansion unit all in the same “hit”! What technology-wise is the blocker for me using my DX-513 against say a new DS-918+ other than to “fleece” (😀)me for 2 base units in the upgrade process at the same time.

Please synology, unlock all restrictions on expansion units unless there is a real hardware connectivity issue and let us upgrade more efficiently as in the end your customer base will be a much happier and retention rates will be higher!

What does every one else think; is it just me with this thought?



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