DS411j and Windows 2008R2 Server Backup

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DS411j and Windows 2008R2 Server Backup

Unread post by jannisof » Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:58 am


I have installed and initialized a RAID 1+0 array on a DS411j.It is planed to serve as a file server for our small company inside Active Directory.This was a requirement (along with RAID 1+0) so this product was chosen.

I have succesfully joined the NAS to the AD, created users folders (each AD user has its own private folder) and also created a public folder (RW rights to all) and a Backup folder for well ...the obvious. :)
Everything seems to work as expected, mapped drives on clients sync nice, etc

Initially I had activated the CIFS recycle bin, but then I thought it wasnt necessary as the NAS is users' "local data" backup place.So I disabled it.

Problem arises when I want to use my backup folder.I get an error that the backup was cancelled.As far as I understand it it is about folder security permissions.

My setup is that the Domain Administrator (as well as the locan Admin of the NAS) have full RW access to all folders, and the Backup specifically.
See here: http://img815.imageshack.us/f/nas1.png/

On the shared folder properties (through NAS control panel) is stated that security permissions could be altered through Windows but trying this fails:
See here: http://img714.imageshack.us/i/nas2.png/

The point is that the Domain Administrator should attain full permissions on the folder so that the native windows backup service can use the resource.This should be working but can't.

I really hope I am doing something wrong or haven't seen something (even though the NAS OS is pretty simple and straightforward - kudos SYNOLOGY).
This is of utmost importance because now my backups are only locally stored and needs to be resolved ASAP.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: DS411j and Windows 2008R2 Server Backup

Unread post by dabigtrain » Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:09 pm

Having the same issue- trying to run a System State backup from a 2008R2 DC to a share on my RS411. This appears to be relevant info. There's an incompatibility between Windows backup and the SMB configuration on the RS411. I got around it by having backups go to servers, and then have the servers copy the backups files to the RS411.

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