Synology DSM6 delete deny cannot rename file folder

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Synology DSM6 delete deny cannot rename file folder

Unread post by lockstar » Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:46 am

Hi Folks

I have a Synology DS414 setup on a LAN network and intergrated with Windows 2008 active directory. The users have been logging
onto the synology shares using their windows credentials which works well. All users have been given full read and write access. However
i would like to prevent them from deleting files.

I have unchecked the boxes in the customize section under each username permissions. I have unchecked the 'delete" box and the "delete files and sub folders" box.
The works well, the users are not able to delete files on folders anymore.

However there is another problem that comes up. The users who dont have the delete permission are not able to modify or rename the files or folders
anymore. Is this a bug.?

Please advise


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