Proxy cuts-off every 24hr: lease time issue?

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Proxy cuts-off every 24hr: lease time issue?

Unread post by Passerby » Fri Apr 07, 2017 3:31 pm


I use my DS214+ (DSM 6.1-15047 update 2) as a proxy server. It allows me to listen to music at work on my Deezer account without being block by country restrictions (I live in France and have a French Deezer account, but as soon as I cross a border I get issues because I connect from a foreign IP address).
Anyway, it's a very specific need so my Router and Proxy are setup to only accept incoming connections from my work's IP address.

It works great, except that for some reason every day around 13:35, I lose my internet connection (via the proxy, if I disable the proxy I can surf internet normally). It's a matter of a few minutes. Usually 5mn, max 10-15mn.

At first I thought that the issue came from my router. But using the DS Finder app, I have no issue connecting to my DS while the proxy connection is down. So the connectivity issue is only affecting the proxy server.

The disruption happening every 24 hrs, it's as if there some kind of lease time on the connection. However I haven't found anything in the proxy setup regarding connection time. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?

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