Office documents can not be created or changed in Cloud Station folder

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Office documents can not be created or changed in Cloud Station folder

Postby michael.tanner » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:46 am

Hi all

I have this issue on multiple PCs. I have the latest DSM and client software in place, also I have this problem a longer time.

It is not possible to create or modify Office files in Cloud Station folders, I get an error message from office like "file error". If I have a look on my NAS I see the file with size 0, as soon as I confirm the error message the 0 sized file will be deleted. My workaround is to save these files on an other place like Desktop and move them afterwards to the local Cloud Station folder. Then the files will be synchronized and all looks nice. I can open them from there, but no chance to save or modify...

I use Cloud Station for a lot of applications and I have no problem with these applictions, I have it only with Office files like docx, xlsx etc.

Any suggestions?


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