DSM 6.1: Cloudstation server or CS ShareSync on SOURCE or DESTINATION Synology? Current best practice?

Discussion room for the Cloud Station client for DSM, designed to allow 2 way-sync between DiskStations
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DSM 6.1: Cloudstation server or CS ShareSync on SOURCE or DESTINATION Synology? Current best practice?

Unread post by SteveW25561 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:47 am

Posting this is with a specific DSM 6.1 query since answers may differ from older or newer versions of DSM. As of Oct, 2017, with DSM 6.1, what is the best practice for synchronizing 2 Synology unit folders?

Up until now, I was using Hyperbackup from NAS1-->NAS2 but just ran into a corrupted Hyperbackup using a local USB drive, and I'm worried Hyperbackup might not be a reliable way to backup my NAS if it's this easy to corrupt the proprietary backup folder. Also, a sync'd file copy on the backup NAS is immediately useable without needing another utility.

I want to sync NAS1 (source) to NAS2 (destination). Note NAS2 will eventually be offsite after the initial seed on the local network.

1. Should Cloudstation SERVER be located on NAS1 (source) or NAS2 (destination)? Or does the answer change if you have 2 way sync, Upload only or Download only?

2. Cloudstation server has versioning ability. Does it automatically start tracking/storing versions of files if you simply run Cloudstation server and "enable" a specified folder, even if you have no ShareSync clients or Cloudstation Drive attached to the Cloudstation server's folder? Also, are versioned copies available on both Synology units, or only on the unit that is running Cloudstation Server?

3. I actually would be OK with just mirroring NAS1 to NAS2 to have NAS2 as a backup should NAS1 die. In this situation, how should I set up the systems?
Option A: NAS1 (source): Cloudstation ShareSync (upload only) ---> NAS2 (destination) Cloudstation Server
Option B: NAS1 (source): Cloudstation Server ---> NAS2 (destination) Cloudstation ShareSync (download only)
Option C: either A or B above but use 2 way sync
Option C: Just use shared folder sync as a one way mirror from NAS1-->NAS2



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