Cloud Sync and Google Drive - slow download speeds on large files

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Cloud Sync and Google Drive - slow download speeds on large files

Unread post by RanchoJM » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:35 am

We've been using Cloud Sync with our Google Drive accounts (G Suite) for a couple of years. A recent situation that we are experiencing is this - Cloud Sync will stop pulling down multiple files at the same time when it encounters a larger file and this one large file will not download at the same speeds the other files do.

We've got it configured to not have a speed limit and currently set to concurrent up/downloads of 20 files at a time. Selecting the same offending file and downloading via web browser results in a download at our expected speeds. I'm currently monitoring a Cloud Sync download of a 1.3GB file at 1.03MB/s - This same I file just downloaded via Chrome at 73.5MB/s. This behaviour is seen in multiple locations - we use Cloud Station at the office downtown and at a couple of home offices.

For a bit more context, we are talking about audio and video files. On average, file sizes will be 30-60 MB. Larger file sizes that result in this slow down are over 1 GB. Each location has Gigabit download speeds. When these large files are encountered, speeds hover around 1 MB/s. Again, this never used to be a thing. We're at a bit of a loss as to how to troubleshoot something like this - is it a Google Drive issue, a Cloud Sync app issue or an ISP issue.

Cloud Sync ver 2.3.7-1026
DSM 6.2-23739

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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